What a weekend! The hype around DisDressed is no lie; all weekend we've been meeting you guys and you've been LOVING the store. The team are so glad that you're gassed and we cant

wait for the next few months of supplying Eastbourne with the freshest garms.

You should all be familiar with Emmanuel by now and if not jump over to the insta and get familiar! Each day over the weekend his outfits sold out! Such an amazing response to the 'Styled by DisDressed' Team!

Over the weekend we had more than a few repeat customers which is amazing and those of you that have come back have seen how quickly we sold out of brands like Supreme, CP Company, New Love Club and Stone Island, already we have new stock here and more on the way! Our aim is to supply the people of Eastbourne with individual pieces so you never have to bump into someone wearing the same threads as you again! We never sell the same item twice, so as many of you know already, every 7/10 days the store has completely new items in!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported us! Social supporters, In store Customers, Online Customers, Customers that we have sourced items for, the Dressbyartists clothing team, consignment customers, the Enterprise Centre and the shop owners within the center! You've all been brilliant! All we can say is, with the plans we have ... We just hope Eastbourne's ready!

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